This car spent its first 12-13 years as a green BMW 320iA Touring with a modest level of extras. During the conversion we've changed the green colour into Sapphire black and the car has gone through a complete makeover. It's now a fully featured 330i Sport Touring with the extras that are supposed to be on this car. Much more fun to drive!

Here's the finished car:
BMW E46 330i Sport Touring

 330i Sport Touring

The original

As we mentioned, the car started out as a "mundane" green 320. When we bought it there were some rust spots in the usual E46 areas (wings, bonnet, under the doors, etc.). All the rust has been dealt with and the complete front, all 4 doors, the tailgate, the complete interior, roof liner, and the complete driveline has been swapped. Oh, and of course, the paint and wheels too. As it turned out, there's not much left of the original car!

320iA Touring